"This Is Us" has been a huge success in its freshman year. The very first episode drew the viewers in and it only gets better with each episode. Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) is the father that has raised the bar in America. His relationship with each of his children is genuine and loving. All three of them adore their dad but Kate is especially close to her father. His commitment to Rebecca is more than clear as they raise their triplets.

Do we know when Jack dies?

The death of Jack is the black cloud that is looming in the future for the fans. "This Is Us" has shown a glimpse of Jack's funeral.

The triplets were teenagers in the scene and that detail did not go unnoticed. Now, when the scenes from the 80's and 90's are shown, fans have a gauge of the timeframe and Jack's death. Many have stated on social media that when scenes with the triplets as teenagers are shown, they begin to worry if this is when Jack dies.

The creator of the show, Dan Fogelman, has already told fans that they need to be patient. While his death will happen in the mid-90s, the details won't be told anytime soon. One of the more popular theories on social media have Jack in a fatal car accident. The death has to be quick and unexpected, rather than an illness. We know that Jack did have some struggles with alcohol, and that could have played a part in his death.

Any reasonable theories?

Recently Chrissy Metz (Kate) was unable to even talk about the death of her father with her fiance. The death of their father affected all three of the triplets but Kate has the most emotional trauma over his death. Some fans theorize that she could have been in the car with her father when he was involved in the crash that killed him, and has survivor's remorse because she lived.

There is a picture that was recently posted by Niles Fitch (teenage Randall). It shows the teenage Kate (Hannah Zeile) and Jack in the family station wagon. Could this be when Jack dies? The fact that fans have been told it will be a while before the details of Jack's death come to light don't stop the theories. Tune in each week to find more clues!