Chrissy Metz plays Kate on the new hit series "This Is Us." The show is so popular in its first season that they have already signed on for two more! Success for this actress was a tough road, but she has found a character to make her own. The last time we saw Chrissy on set was in "American Horror Story Freak Show." She played the role of Ima (Barbara) Wiggles. When she joined the cast of the popular show she had expected it to be a stepping stone in her acting career. That just wasn't the case, though. Once the job was over, there was nothing else.

Follow your dream!

She began to struggle and considered moving back home to Homestead, Florida. In talking it over with her mother she got some wise advice. She had to decide if she wanted to go home and be miserable not pursuing her dream, or remain in LA and be miserable while trying to do what she really wanted to do in life.

At the time Chrissy Metz landed the role of Kate on "This Is Us," her bank account was down to 81 cents. She was living with a roommate that was willing to cover the rent until she was able to chip in, and she had friends that were there when she needed help with meals. She even had friends that read lines with her when she couldn't afford acting classes. For someone with no connections in the industry or formal training, she is incredibly blessed, and she knows it.

Stay humble, be grateful

According to Glamour Celebs, Chrissy is grateful for where she is in her life now. She feels that grateful people will continue to be blessed. Female fans of the show have approached her to tell her how much her character means to them and how she has changed their life. She also shared that she is so blessed, and that she wants to bless those around her.

One of her main dreams was to make sure her grandmother had a washer and dryer in her apartment before she died -- the actress was not able to get them for her. Now that she is able to provide for herself, she is trying to figure out how to bless others as well.

Chrissy Metz comes across as a very sincere and down-to-earth person. Tune in to "This Is Us" on NBC every Tuesday night at 9PM Central time.