Tyler Perry's "Too Close To Home" is in its second season. The show is the first original series of TLC and is a hit! The loyal fans tune in each week to watch what the residents of Happy, Alabama are up to. Right now, the third season is still in question. While fans anxiously await the news of a confirmed third season, there is talk of why the ratings dropped a couple of weeks ago after steadily climbing for each show over two seasons.

Going Live on Facebook to interact with fans

The cast of "Too Close To Home" is very involved with their fans!

There are several fan pages on social media where the actors post to their fans. On one of those sites, Trisha went live before the last show. She was joined by a couple of other wonderful cast members -- Rebel (Annie Thrash) and Sheriff Mobley (Robert Craighead). While all of them were wonderful, Trisha stole the show!

Her acting career started with a degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Not only did she earn a degree in Theatrical Performance, she also achieved a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Her loyal 'Glee' fans follow her still

Over the course of her career she has appeared in several shows, short films and commercials. In 2012 she joined the cast of Glee in a recurring role. Her fan base began to grow and those fans have followed her over to "Too Close To Home." In the live video with her fans prior to the last episode, many of her fans from Brazil logged on to say hello to her.

When Annie and Robert asked why there were so many fans from Brazil, she gave a shout out to "Glee."

The character of Momma Jolene is not a warm and fuzzy, nurturing mother. She is an angry, ungrateful, self-centered woman. Her daughters take care of her out of obligation, not love. Though fans have not been made privy to her past, we know it was sordid.

A quick conversation with Sheriff Mobley made that clear.

Trisha's interviews and interactions with her fans make it obvious that she is a sweet and fun-loving person. Her personality is downright adorable. And those interactions make a loyal fanbase even more loyal.