Is Jeremy Calvert ready to leave "Teen Mom 2" for good? Following the release of a new sneak peek at tonight's show, which features his ex-wife's grandmother calling him a "deadbeat dad" and suggesting he couldn't be tracked down, Calvert has taken to social media to express his frustrations.

Shortly after splitting from fiancee Brooke Wehr for the second time this year, Calvert took to Twitter, where he reportedly put MTV on blast for their "[expletive] editing.” According to a report by In Touch Weekly magazine on February 20, the 28-year-old tweeted and then deleted a message which read, "[expletive] MTV," and later posted a poll, asking his fans and followers if he should quit the series.

In response, 63 percent of his followers voted "no."

Jeremy Calvert has threatened to quit in the past

Since he began starring on "Teen Mom 2" alongside his former wife, Leah Messer, years ago, Jeremy Calvert has been open about his thoughts on editing and frequently blasts the network for reportedly making him look bad on the show. He's even announced his exit from the show in the past, but so far, he remains on the series and continues to feud with his former wife, who is also the mother of his young daughter.

Leah Messer has suggested that she struggles to involve Jeremy Calvert in their daughter's life

On multiple occasions, Messer has claimed to struggle with maintaining Calvert's presence in their daughter's life.

During the first half of season seven last year, Messer told Dr. Drew Pinsky that she has struggled with her communication with Calvert and during another scene, she suggested that Calvert was prioritizing Wehr's daughter over their own. All the while, Calvert has continued to hint that fans aren't getting the real story online.

To see more of Jeremy Calvert and his "Teen Mom 2" story, tune into new episodes of season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV. On tonight's show, Calvert will be the topic of a scandalous conversation between Messer and her grandmother in which Messer complains about Calvert's decision to delay his time with Adalynn.