Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr have called off their engagement, but the "Teen Mom 2" dad doesn't seem to be too beat up over the news. Instead, he's sharing post after post on social media, some which have seemingly been digs at his former relationship with Wehr.

Several weeks ago, Calvert returned to Twitter and even started a Snapchat account after splitting from his on-again, off-again fiancee, but once they got back together, he took a break from social media. Now, after his second recent breakup, Calvert has confirmed he is once again back on Twitter and shared a bevy of messages and photos on his Instagram page.

Days ago, Jeremy Calvert posted a racy meme claiming that despite being single, his d*** is "still big." One day later, he revealed he was in Pittsburgh and looking for something to do. He also posted a photo of himself and a few friends at The Meadows Casino in Pennsylvania.

Did Jeremy Calvert cheat on Brooke Wehr?

As In Touch Weekly reported days ago, Wehr reportedly put Calvert on blast with a series of now-deleted posts on her Instagram page, which is currently marked "private." In one of her shocking posts, Wehr shared a meme, which read, "I don't always fall in love, but when I do it's with a cheating sociopath that f**ks up my life and wastes my time because I'm obviously retarded." She also posted a meme of a man claiming he wouldn't cheat as a woman bent over in front of him, and along with the post, she claimed Calvert had cheated on her with an MTV producer, among others.

Meanwhile, in response, Calvert shared a meme of his own in which he denied Wehr's allegations and labeled her a "crazy b***h."

Jeremy Calvert's fight with Brooke Wehr comes just days after the pair enjoyed a concert and sparked rumors of a possible wedding when Calvert labeled Wehr, his "wife." Now, he's labeled her a "stalker, " and their relationship is over.

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