Jeremy Calvert was blissfully in a relationship with Brooke Wehr after his divorce from “Teen Mom 2” star, Leah Messer. He was posting about her every chance he got, even talking about her on camera. The two were engaged, but it appears that that may no longer be the case.

The drama on Instagram

Social media is a huge deal for reality stars these days. Twitter has fallen to the wayside with Instagram being the leader, especially when it comes to memes. Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr decided to air their dirty laundry on Instagram over the weekend, and the accusations flying are pretty wild.

She is accusing him of cheating, but the person she says he cheated with is a producer from “Teen Mom 2.” This just made everything complicated, especially if the accusations are true.

Rumors about Jeremy Calvert being a playboy have been circulating for several years now. There was talk about him loving the ladies back when he was still married to Leah Messer. The two share a daughter together but their marriage just couldn't withstand the pressure of the cameras, money issues, and Jeremy's job taking him away for weeks at a time. When Messer and Calvert split, it was sad for fans who wanted to see them succeed.

Cheating accusations come down to an MTV producer

Last summer, Jeremy Calvert spent a lot of time in South Dakota.

That is where Chelsea Houska lives and films, and he even popped by her house for a party. The photos were shared on Instagram and fans thought it was pretty cool. Brooke Wehr has now come out and publicly accused Calvert of sleeping with Chelsea's producer, Mandi. Apparently, there is speculation that the two were sleeping together while he was working there last summer.

She isn't the only one that Calvert reportedly cheated on Wehr with, but she is definitely the most scandalous.

Right now, Mandi has not commented regarding the accusations that she slept with Jeremy Calvert. There is likely going to be no comment from anyone regarding the drama this weekend. Brooke Wehr and Calvert are likely over, because it doesn't look like there is any coming back from something like this.