Hey, "Bachelor 2017" fans. It's that time, again. Time to give you guys the spoiler skinny on what's about to go down in the upcoming episode 9. It turns out that we're going to get a continuation of the events from the end of episode 8. Then see some very steamy overnight date action before one unlucky chick finds out she's just not the one, and more.

The Andi scene

In the new episode 9, we're going to see them take all the action to Lapland,Finland where Nick and his final three ladies: Vanessa Grimaldi, Raven Gates and Rachel Lindsay, engage in their overnight dates.

Steve didn't give any details about the dates, so we don't have that. However, we do have a little intel from ABC's official press release. It turns out that this episode is going to feature a continuation from episode 8. They're going to show the footage where Nick's former Bachelorette love, Andi Dorfman, shows up at his hotel room to reportedly just give him some advice.

Off to Finland after Corinne gets dumped

This scene will actually go down just before he reveals who he's picking as his final three ladies, or in other words, gives Corinne the pink slip. After all the emotional rose ceremony stuff wraps up, they will then travel to Lapland, Finland to begin their very romantic overnight rendezvous.

ABC describes the trip as being a week of cold, snowy days and warm. romantic nights. Ooh.

More romance

Now, judging from all the past seasons, we know that Nick will end up, taking all these girls on a really romantic date, and then ask them if they want to go to the fantasy suite to spend the night with him. If they accept, it's on for the night.

If not, they can consider themselves eliminated. Just kidding. Of course it's not all about that. There actually isn't any details on who accepts the fantasy suite. It could be all of them or just some of them. Unfortunately, we're just going to have to wait until the show airs to get all that good intel. That's premium stuff, I guess.

It's over for poor Rachel

Then after all the dates are completed, we will get a rose ceremony, so that Nick can reveal who his final two women will be, and Steve was able to dish out who the lucky to women are. They are: Raven and Vanessa. Which, of course, means poor Rachel Lindsay will hit the end of the line. However, don't feel to sorry for her, because ABC already revealed that they've selected her to be the new Bachelorette for the upcoming 2017 edition that's due to air this Summer! So, much congrats to her. We can also confirm that episode 9 is, indeed, set to hit the airwaves next Monday night, February 27th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.