The Tamil movie “Singham 3” featuring Kollywood superstar Suriya was finally released on Thursday, Feb 3 after many postpones. The movie is an action–masala film directed and written by Hari and features anushka shetty and Shruti Hasan in female leads.

The movie is also dubbed in Hindi and Telugu and will release as “Yamudu 3” in Telugu and shall release on the same day with Tamil version.

The third sequel will be released in three languages worldwide

The movie is already gained hype since the trailers came out and more interestingly it is the first South Indian third sequel.

The first two parts were released only in Tamil and Telugu, but this time the movie is releasing in Hindi also, so a larger viewership is also expected. Suriya fans are eagerly waiting to watch the most adorable moments of their favorite actor and Anushka tying the nuptial knot in the film.

The movie also features beautiful Shruti Hasan as a journalist who helps the policeman to fight against the rival played by Thakur Anoop Singh. The movie is an action-thriller and to complement the whole platter beautiful music by Harri Jasraj is also there.

The movie has steamy action scenes and especially the climax where hero and villain face–off is composed by action director Kannal Kanan has been shot excellently and gives the movie a high entertainment value.

The movie is sold for a record price all over, and it is said that this is the highest price for any of Suriya’s film till now. This Hari–Suriya combo is a perfect combination along with Thakur Anoop Singh who is the former Mr. World and has worked out his muscles to the best.

Public response first-day-first show

Large collections predicted at the box office

The movie is already biggest regarding the popularity of the ‘Singam’ franchise, and large box office collections are anticipated.

The film is releasing in three languages worldwide on the same date, and it is anticipated that the earnings may exceed Rs. 15 crores on the opening day itself and the weekend shall see more of money collecting at the ticket window which may touch the hundred crores milestones too.

The movie was earlier set to release on Republic day but was postponed fearing the competition from SRK’s “Raees”.