General Hospital” spoilers for the next two weeks show tons of action coming our way for an explosive close to February sweeps. There’s a JaSam baby on the way, mob drama, trouble at the hospital, and some romance (but not enough). Check out the latest “GH” spoilers for the rest of February sweeps and a brand-new video promo below!

Finn’s addiction and doctor drama

Hayden is busy trying to save the hospital and Finn is looking for his next fix. He tricked Griffin into writing him a scrip but now he’s out of opioids and feeling the pain. He tries to hide his addiction but it blows up during a hospital crisis.

“General Hospital” spoilers say that may be the JaSam baby birth.

Tracy makes demands on Hayden, and Liz leads a nurse rebellion. Finn gets erratic and Griffin gets wise to his games. Hayden turns to Griffin after Finn alienates her. Franco struggles with his dark side, Tracy has reason to celebrate by month’s end, and Jane Elliot may be leaving soon.

Anna’s sick and stalked

There is lots more to Anna and Valentin’s past to be explored, and she gets new info that surprises her. Karl Browning, played by J Downing, shows up for a couple of episodes as an old WSB classmate of theirs. Valentin and Anna are pulled towards one another.

Anna’s health crisis with her headaches gets worse, and she demands answers as her symptoms worsen, and someone is stalking her.

Could it be Liv Jerome? Charlotte speaks up about the custody case, and Nathan tries to broker peace in the wake of Nina firing Maxie over Lulu.

Sonny’s got trouble on two fronts

Carly thinks hard about Sonny’s life choices but he’s off house arrest this month and she plans a romantic getaway. Someone finds the bra Nelle planted in his bed and Sonny confronts Nelle for scheming.

The fake cheating is revealed and everything blows up.

Jason is mad that Sonny went around him and after Ava, who winds up arrested for the car bomb that killed Morgan. She’s furious that Julian won’t clarify she’s not the woman he met, and Scotty tries to talk her down. “GH” spoilers show us that Felicia has more dirt on Nelle for Bobbie.

Julian’s a rat in a trap

Alexis considers taking Julian back once she finds out the influence Liv has over him but Sam is at risk when the eldest Jerome targets her. Julian feels the walls closing in as Liv continues to be a step ahead of him. He makes a deal that turns out to be a big mistake. Julian calls out Jason and Sam doesn’t like her mom warming up to her dad. Julian finds a new pawn to blame but it doesn’t seem that he can escape the awful plans of his wicked sister. “General Hospital” spoilers say another rat in town is Jordan, who can’t get her mind off Curtis’ yummy bits!

Also in February...

Dillon and Kiki get closer and he wows her with a surprise. Ned must defend his lady love, the other Olivia, and then makes a big life-changing decision.

It sounds like a proposal is in the works, as Ned goes to Dante for some advice about his mom.

GH fans continue to be concerned about Kirsten Storms' weight loss and drastically changed appearance. Her dramatic two-color hairdo is rumored to be part of her trying to get her hair healthier and taking out her extensions. There is also JaSam baby trouble coming since her disturbing test results with Dr. Lee.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.