"General Hospital" spoilers say Nelle [Chloe Lanier] has rotten plans for that pretty bra she took into Sonny's [Maurice Benard] bedroom. Nelle wants to split Sonny and Carly [Laura Wright] fbut Morgan's [Bryan Craig] death fouled it up since Carly left him. Nelle helped them reunite just so she could blow them apart with a cheating scam.

Felicia and Bobbie duped!

Felicia [Kristina Wagner] and Bobbie [Jacklyn Zeman] don't know Nelle is a street fighter. Wasn't it convenient that Felicia saw the spendy bra at Nelle's place and ran back to Bobbie to tattle?

Nelle is schooling both these old birds with her savvy games and they won't know that hit them. "GH" spoilers say Nelle is still winning all around.

Revenge plan: bra in the bed

At the end of the Monday, February 6th episode, Nelle was in Sonny's bedroom with the bra in her hand (let's hope she took the price tags off). "GH" spoilers for Tuesday, February 7th say Nelle slips the bra into Sonny's bed so Carly will stumble upon it. Will Carly accuse Graciella of bad housekeeping or Sonny of cheating? Good money is on the latter.

Once a cheater, always a cheater

Sonny had many WAGs and cheated on them all. He's a serial cheater. That's why he and Carly may soon be on the road to divorce number five.

Carly will assume the worst and that's what Nelle is betting on. "General Hospital" spoilers say it makes sense why Nelle needed Sonny on tape - she can play it for Carly and exonerate herself.

Confrontations and confessions

Carly isn't one to rest on her laurels. She'll come gunning for Nelle if she thinks she was in Sonny's bed.

The bra will lead Carly to her assistant who will confess that she slept with Sonny but it was all his fault - he was drunk and pushed her to sleeping with him. That's what the taped Sonny confession says so why would Carly doubt it?

Revenge reveal coming soon?

When Felicia was at Nelle's place, she touched the blue box of torment but passed it by to peer into the pink bag that hid the bra.

Felicia was inches away from the evidence of Nelle's true identity and relationship to Carly. Too bad she was distracted by the lingerie... maybe she'll come back later for more detective work.

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC. More this week on Jane Elliot's final "GH" plot before she retires and wicked Olivia continues her Port Charles revenge plan.