The viewers love Chrissy Metz on "This Is Us" and think she is amazing. She has already shared that she has plans to lose weight while on the show, but Chrissy is now admitting that a panic attack already convinced her to lose 100 lbs. and keep it off. People shared what Chrissy had to say about it. The one thing she isn't revealing yet is how much she weighs now, even though people are interested.

What convinced Chrissy Metz to lose weight?

On her 30th birthday, Chrissy had a panic attack and went to the hospital. She shared saying, "I’m like, What is this?

Am I dying? What’s happening? It was really scary — really, really, really scary." This was really scary for her, and it convinced Chrissy Metz to start trying to lose weight and get herself healthy. She started doing a 2,000 calorie a day diet and walking for 20 minutes each day and was able to lose 100 lbs. doing it. It only took her about five months to do it. She has even kept that 100 lbs. off since then.

The doctor told Chrissy that she couldn't keep doing things the way she was and she knew it wasn't just physical but also her mind and body. She was married at the time, but is now divorced and has a new boyfriend she met on the show.

When it comes to how small she wants to be, Chrissy Metz shared that she does want to lose weight.

She hasn't decided how small she wants to be, but she thinks that she will get there and figure it out. Chrissy isn't afraid to admit that she is really interested in feeling better. That is the main focus on her losing weight. This is what is important to her, and she will do it. Chrissy hasn't shared yet what her plans are for losing it.

Are you surprised to hear that Chrissy Metz already lost 100 lbs.? Do you think that she should keep trying to lose weight? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "This Is Us" when they air on Tuesday nights on NBC. You will get to watch Chrissy's weight loss journey on the show as she does it along with her character Kate.