General Hospital” spoilers say kirsten storms' weight loss will be on frequent display as Maxie has lots of scenes coming with Lulu and the baby mama drama, but Kirsten does not look herself. “GH” fans are starting to get worried by her obvious weight loss and are concerned she’s ill.

Kirsten is on everyone’s mind

Top Google searches for today for the keyword “General Hospital” show fans are searching Kirsten Storms, Brandon Barash, Maxie “General Hospital” weight loss and other similar search terms. Of the top 15 “GH” searches trending right now, Kirsten Storms and her character make up eight of them!

Kirsten took some time off and was replaced with recast actress Molly Burnett, but she wasn’t gone too long. That was back in July 2016. Kirsten took a few weeks off and blamed it on skin issues, but have these been corrected? And are the skin problems tied into her noticeable weight loss?

Storms on social media blackout

In addition to Kirsten Storms looking gaunt in her “General Hospital” scenes, its been weeks since she’s posted on social media and she’s usually quite active. Her last tweet was on January 20th, and was a fan retweet. A full week before that, she posted the tweet included above.

Her Instagram feed has been radio silent, and its been three weeks since she was active on IG as well.

Her last posts were three and four weeks ago when she shared pics of herself and ex-husband Brandon Barash with their daughter Harper Rose out for family fun together.

Is this divorce stress or something else?

Divorce is never easy, so it wouldn’t be surprising if being a suddenly single mom has thrown off Kirsten’s appetite, but, let’s face it, she looks like a strong wind could blow her away.

Brandon Barash seems like he’s doing fine, but, sadly, Kirsten does not. It also seems that “GH” makeup artists are struggling to properly conceal her skin problems. Her cheeks look dark and sunken and she does not look like the baby face Maxie Jones of a few years ago. She’s still gorgeous, but it seems there might be a health struggle going on.

Are you worried about Kirsten Storms? Perhaps if fans reach out to her with their concerns, she’ll either share what’s going on or will take steps to get healthier. “General Hospital” spoilers say she’s got lots of action coming and needs to be feeling well to handle the work!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Lots more Nelle drama coming soon – she and that bra will make trouble for Sonny. The hospital plot is heating up, and these are Jane Elliot’s last scenes as Tracy Q. According to “GH” spoilers, evil Olivia Jerome won’t win, but it’ll be close.