“General Hospital” spoilers say Jane Elliot may be retiring and shooting her final scenes as Tracy Quartermaine in the coming weeks. Is Spanky Buns leaving the Quartermaine mansion? And if the divine Ms. Q exits Port Charles, will she run off with Luke for a happily ever after?

Blind item hints at Tracy exit

A recent blind item in Soap Opera Digest read: “One show is crafting an exit arc for a veteran star who is telling co-stars that they will not renew their contract when it expires this spring.” Since it’s a blind item, we don’t know who it's about, but there are other signs Jane might be leaving GH."

“GH” watchers were worried last spring when Tracy was diagnosed with brain worms by Dr.

Finn, and many wondered if she would be killed off. Thankfully, Tracy went a little nuts but Finn and sexy doc Griffin saved the red head’s life and she went on to fight another day.

Side note -- it’s a shame Jane wasn’t Emmy nominated, and neither was Tyler Christopher despite his win last year in the Lead Actor category, and “GH” rumors that Nikolas might be back for May sweeps.

Jane announced her retirement

In an in-death interview with “TV Insider” in April 2016 celebrating her fifth decade on soaps, Ms. Elliot was asked: “Are you still threatening to retire?” Jane answered: I’m still anxiously awaiting it. It will be very hard to leave ‘GH.' There are people in that building who have been a part of my life for 38 years, and I will miss them dearly.”

Jane added: “But I want to keep growing, learning new things, living in new places, in order to expand my mind.

Thank God for soap operas, I have raised two kids who are now grown and on their own. This has been the best job possible for any actor who is a mom.”

The actress also said, “I have logged enough man hours in front of the camera that I can actually retire with a pension from my union, something I am extremely proud of.” Her final comment in the interview was: "I am ready to hang up my panty hose!”

How will Tracy leave town?

ABC Soaps in Depth has reported “General Hospital” spoilers for February sweeps that “GH” will face a crisis when Olivia Jerome tries to sell the hospital to make high-rise condos.

GH sweeps spoilers say Tracy will be heavily involved in the effort to save “GH." Will this be her final story?

Many actors on soaps have annual contracts in these days of tighter budgets, and the rumor is that Jane Elliot’s contract is up for renewal in April and she won’t sign on for another year. If this “SOD” blind item is about Jane Elliot, maybe she’ll leave town to go find Luke.

Jane said in her “TV Insider” interview: “I don’t think Tracy will ever outgrow her need for Luke.” Anthony Geary told “Entertainment Weekly” that he might return to “GH” for a short run: “If they come up with something, a twist, I would come for it.”

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, and this week, we’ll see Sam gets Franco to “GH” to save his life, and JaSam faces a baby crisis after she finds out Jason was poisoned.

Epic "GH" Tracy and Luke scene: