“General Hospital” spoilers say Jason [Billy Miller] will be rushed to “GH” after Tracy Q [Jane Elliot] calls 911 after his collapse at the Metro Court. “GH” rumors point to Jason being poisoned and Julian [William deVry] is the prime suspect since he was with Jason.

Did Julian poison his son-in-law?

Julian doesn’t want Jason dead. In fact, Jason is doing all he can to protect both Jason and Sam [Kelly Monaco] from his angry sister Olivia [Tonja Walker]. If Julian did poison Jason, it wouldn’t be a lethal dose. But why would he poison Jason at all?

Julian tried to get Jason to back off Rudge [David Lee]. Jason is trying to clear Sonny [Maurice Benard] and thinks Julian is responsible for the bomb but Julian was the intended victim. But maybe Julian poisoned Jason (just a little) to get him off the case.

Did Olivia poison her nephew-in-law?

Olivia wants Jason off the case and to punish Julian. Her thug Rudge has a henchman temping at the Metro Court hotel who could easily slip something into Jason’s cup. Julian poured the coffee into both their cups but he seems fine.

That means the coffee wasn’t poisoned. Maybe it was in the cup. If Olivia is monitoring Julian’s texts, she knew he was meeting Jason at the MetroCourt. Their henchman could put a regular cup in front of Julian and one with poison in front of Jason.

Julian will be blamed either way

Since Julian warned Sam and Jason off pursuing his mob ties and did it again right before Jason collapsed. This makes Julian look guilty. Olivia may not have put fatal poison in Jason’s cup, maybe just enough to knock him out and cast blame on Julian.

Tracy gets Jason to “GH” and then next week, Sam finds out he’s ill and runs to the hospital searching for him.

With Jason out of commission, Sam keeps working the case even though Jason doesn’t want her to and that starts the baby drama.

JaSam baby born early, Sam in crisis

“General Hospital” spoilers for February sweeps say the JaSam baby will be born before Sam’s expected due date.

The early labor is triggered by an incident tied to the bomb case. On January 31, “GH” spoilers have Sam tracking him down at the hospital.

On February 2, Jason tries to protect Sam, but is he still stuck at “GH”? The next week, Sam goes against his wishes and will go poking around for evidence in the bomb case. Sam is taken by Olivia’s henchman and her hubby is scared she’s been killed.

Baby Scout Morgan born in February

Julian reassures Jason that his enemies wouldn’t kill Sam. He goes looking for Sam despite his own recent medical crisis. Sam is found but the ordeal has been traumatic. Sam goes into labor and Scout is born a bit early, but healthy.

Jason will be excited to meet his daughter but terrified for Sam who is in crisis after delivery.

Sonny will be off house arrest and there to stand by his BFF's side and so will Carly [Laura Wright]. Sam will pull through but it’s scary for Jason.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays. Some “GH” rumors hint Nikolas [Tyler Christopher] might be back soon, Olivia J targets Julian’s loved ones, and Elizabeth [Rebecca Herbst] finds Franco [Roger Howarth] and rushes him to “GH” to get his head wound treated.

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