“General Hospital” spoilers for the week of January 30 say Olivia Jerome is back this week to stir trouble and Tonja Walker offered some juicy scoop in an interview with "AfterBuzz TV" that streamed on YouTube on Sunday, January 29th. The interview is linked below so you can watch it all – Tonja was incredible! Here are some of the important questions she answered.

How long is Olivia Jerome sticking around?

Initially, Tonja revealed Frank Valentini brought her in for just 12 episodes but it’s turned out to be more than that. Tonja said she was taping action for several episodes each day and filming five days a week.

That means we might be seeing her for a couple dozen episodes!

Who will Tonja share scenes with as Olivia?

Tonja said she has no scenes with Maura West (Ava) yet but has screen time with Finola Hughes (Anna), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), Sam (Kelly Monaco), and many others, plus William deVry (Julian). Olivia sends a minion to mess with Alexis at her AA meeting, and Tonja says “don’t miss” her scenes with KeMo.

Will Olivia Jerome be killed by Sonny?

All of us “GH” fans know Sonny is murderous, and when he finds out Olivia killed Morgan, he will come gunning for her, but she is not slated for death. This is great news. Tonja says “General Hospital” boss Frank Valentini told her if fan response was good, he’d bring her back – that means she lives!

What about Griffin, Olivia, and Duke?

Given Olivia’s obsession with Duke, “GH” viewers have wondered if she’ll meet his son Griffin. The answer is yes – Tonja has scenes with Matt Cohen and calls him “such a honey." Others wonder whether Ian Buchanan will be back as Duke for some hallucination scenes – no confirmation yet, but there's a DukeLives movement on Twitter.

Will Olivia return and how will she exit?

Tonja revealed she’s moving back to LA this summer once her youngest kid graduates high school, so if fans let the network know they want Olivia back, it might happen. Tonja also said in the interview, “I always end up in a mental institution,” so maybe she’ll be sent to Miscavige with Franco’s mom Heather.

Let 'GH' know if you want to keep Tonja Walker

Are you excited for more Olivia? If you want to have her back for more, be sure to let Frank Valentini, Nathan Varni, and “General Hospital” know on Twitter. You can post on Nathan’s Facebook page or the official “GH” page, or call 323-671-4583 and leave a message for “GH” producers.

This week on 'General Hospital'

We’ll have scenes with Olivia this week as her revenge plan for the hospital kicks off, as Jane Elliot’s final “GH” plot. On Monday’s show, Sam saves Franco from death, and Jason’s investigation puts the JaSam baby at risk. Tonja also said Olivia has Julian tied up with a bag over his head soon!

Full "AfterBuzz TV" interview with Tonja Walker: