Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson are two peas in a pod. They stick together through it all, and when Rinna left Kyle Richards' party upset, Davidson was right behind her to coddle her. These two joined the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" two seasons ago and since then, it has been nothing but chaos.

Lisa Rinna makes false claims

When Eden Sassoon was introduced to the crowd, Lisa Rinna thought she had an ally. While that may have been true, she certainly doesn't have one now. Rinna made some very controversial comments about Kim Richards to Sassoon, leading her to believe that Kim was in a bad state.

The words "near death" and "enabler" were two of the comments that really struck a cord, causing a lot of issues in Mexico between Kyle and Lisa.

There was a confrontation, and Lisa Rinna denied remembering she even said anything like those comments. She did in fact comment about Kim Richards and say those things to Eden Sassoon when the two were shopping. Bravo had the footage. Now, Eileen Davidson is coming to Rinna's defense. This isn't surprising but it is very tacky. Whether there was malice behind the comments makes no difference. Rinna portrayed Richards to be worse off than she was, and caused Sassoon to worry and insert herself into a situation that wasn't even real.

The would-be friendship with Eden Sassoon is over

It appeared that Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon would be friends. They got along great, and seemed to be on the same page about things. When Sassoon explained to Lisa Vanderpump how things had gone down, she realized Rinna may have used her to get to Kim Richards. Kyle Richards has commented about understanding now why Eden was so pushy, alluding to the fact that Lisa did mislead her to believe Kim was sick.

It looks like this will all go down on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in the episodes to come.

The reunion show has not yet been taped but it appears there is plenty of drama for the ladies to discuss. Erika Girardi is on the outs with Dorit Kemsley and the drama with Lisa Rinna, Eden Sassoon, and Kyle Richards will be showcased for sure.