Chrissy Teigen has solved the dilemma of what to wear by not wearing anything. The famous model proudly posed nude while dishing on her life. Chrissy also revealed her secret weight loss obsession and unveiled her diet.

'Typical press day,' says naked supermodel

Turning to Instagram, Chrissy Teigen posted a nude picture of herself, reported Us Weekly. The mode jokingly called it a "typical press day." But there wasn't anything typical about Chrissy's pose, as she relaxed naked prior to her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue launch.

“Just a typical press day with @mj_day for the launch of @si_swimsuit 2017!!" wrote the model.

In the photo, Chrissy Teigen looks comfortable all curled up without her clothes. It also shows Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue director MJ Day, who kept her clothes on, appearing to be casually talking with the supermodel.

Chrissy Teigen diet details

When it comes to her diet, the model is all about super foods, reported Shape. Chrissy Teigen never skips the first meal of the day, and eggs play the leading role in her breakfast.

"I have to have breakfast and breakfast has to be eggs, whether in omelet form, hard-boiled, or over-easy," she said. Avocados also are on Chrissy's favorite diet foods list, and she keeps it simple with "salt and pepper," the supermodel revealed.

Chrissy Teigen also loves tuna fish and green juices.

But, she cautions against those popular green juices, going for ones without too much apple. The reason Chrissy focuses on ones that have "lots of actual greens" is that the ones with a lot of apple "are just meant to be yummy and we all know things that are too yummy aren't the best for us unfortunately," she added.

Weight loss confession

Talking with ET, Chrissy Teigen revealed her weight loss obsession, admitting that her weight caused so much anxiety and stress that she weighed herself multiple times a day. The model, 31, shared that her views on her weight have dramatically changed since her beloved daughter Luna was born last April.

"Honestly, I was so stuck on the scale game," confessed Teigen. "Like, I was the kind of person that was, you know, pre-baby, I weighed myself like three times a day. I knew how much I weighed at 8 a.m., and I knew how much I was supposed to weigh at 1 p.m., and I knew how much I was supposed to weigh at 8 p.m."

But now Chrissy Teigen has become confident about her diet. That's helped her feel better about her weight, and she has even become less strict about her diet. That means allowing an occasional cheat day.

"I feel completely at food peace right now -- having a baby has given me this weird confidence," she revealed. "Like, listen -- I'm gonna have these little cheat days, these little cheat moments."