New updates for 'Pokemon GO'

Undoubtedly, Niantic has revolutionized the application of “Pokemon GO” in a spectacular way, with new updates and interesting changes made recently in the game. As we all know, Niantic started the month of February with new and interesting surprises. However, the creator of this exciting application has surpassed the expectations of users, since, although we knew that these new updates would arrive, it was not clear, which were the new second generation Pokemon that would be enabled by Niantic, as well as the places where these new and appreciated creatures would appear.

Just a few hours ago, Niantic filtered new information regarding the steps to follow to catch the best and strongest second generation Pokemon with the maximum CP, as well as other interesting news. Next, we show you all the details about it, including a list of the new creatures that you should focus your efforts on catching. Let's see below.

Pokemon you should focus your efforts on catching

These new updates bring interesting details, however, most users still do not know exactly which are the best second generation Pokemon, and the steps to take to acquire these new creatures, as well as which Pokemon have the highest CP. Below, we show you a list revealed by Niantic:

  • Ho-Oh: 4,650 (Legendary, not in game)
  • Tyranitar: 3,670
  • Lugia: 3,598 (Legendary, not in game)
  • Entei: 3,412 (Legendary, not in game)
  • Raikou: 3,349 (Legendary, not in game)
  • Blissey: 3,219
  • Celebi: 3,090 (Legendary, not in game)
  • Donphan: 3,022
  • Espeon: 3,000
  • Heracross: 2,938
  • Suicune: 2,823 (Legendary, not in game)
  • Scizor: 2,801

As you can see, this is a small list of the most important Pokemon to take into account for better results in the game.

We remind you, that each Pokemon requires a different way to evolve and be captured. Either way, these are some exciting, new updates brought to users of the application, with more likely to come.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.