Hey, guys. Welcome to Tuesday. In light of that, we're coming at you with new spoilery treats for tomorrow's General Hospital upcoming Wednesday January 11th, 2017 episode. We've got some interesting and intense things going down with Nelle and Sonny as they will be getting into a question-heavy confrontation at some point! Then , apparently, Nathan and Maxie will get very busy when they go on a huge hunt to track down Claudette's whereabouts, and more.

A major face-off is going down

Lets go ahead and start this January 11th scoop session with the Nelle and Sonny debacle.

It turns out that Nelle has done something that has raised a lot of questions in Sonny's mind as it's described that he's certainly going to approach her with a barrage of questions that will be so intense that it's going to lead to a big confrontation between the two of them! Will Nelle get all flustered? Will she just refuse to give him the answers she wants? Or will she just cave in? Unfortunately we couldn't get any additional or more elaborate intel on what type of questions he will have for her. On a good note, it'll just make the scene that much more interesting, I guess.

She's keeping it under wraps

Next up, we've learned that Franco is going to be really good with Kiki, because he's going to convince her that keeping his big secret, tight-lipped, is the right way to go.

They describe that she will go ahead and promise to keep his secret on the hush, hush. How long will she be able to do this? Is she in it for the long haul? Or is she due to break at any moment? Those will be the big questions in regards to this intriguing storyline.

They're definitely looking

This next storyline scoop, takes us into Nathan and Maxie's world.

Apparently, they are going to be very busy and very determined about locating Claudette as soon as possible as it's described that they are going to set out to track her down. It sounds like they are going to be willing to search for as long as it takes. I guess the big questions are: will it take them very long to find her?

Or will they search so long that they get exhausted? It's definitely going to be interesting to find out.

Alright, well that's it for tomorrow's big scoops, because our sources only delivered up three storyline reveals. Since it's an hour-long show, I'm sure it will feature a lot of other scenes, but I would look for the ones just mentioned, to be sort of the main ones that get featured. Stay tuned.