Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. Happy Tuesday. It's time to go over two, new spoiler dishes for the upcoming Wednesday January 11th, 2017 episode. They sound very interesting as Wyatt hits up Steffy with an intense effort to convince her that he is just way better for her than Liam. We also got Bill, working overtime to get Brooke to choose him instead of Ridge, and more. The TV Guide team are the wonderful people to thank for these new reveals.

My love is stronger, dammit

To start the January 11th, 2017 teasers, we'll dive into this Wyatt situation.

It turns out that we're going to see him put in a lot of crazy effort ,again, in an attempt to win Steffy back over to his side. He's going to try and say, or do some things that will be formulated to try and get Steffy to think that he can give her more love and support than Liam.

So, I guess the huge question, here, is will Steffy buy what he's trying to sell? Or will she just shrug it off as another attempt by him that she needs to just ignore? It's definitely going to be interesting to find out in the upcoming episodes. We know Liam won't be fond of this at all, and it was one of the big reasons he didn't want Steffy moving into that damn mansion with Eric and Quinn.

A strong attempt

Next, we've got the second,big storyline scoop for tomorrow's offering.

It's going to entail a big situation with Bill and Brooke. It's pretty similar to the situation that we've got going on with Steffy and Wyatt, because apparently, we'll be seeing Bill quite busy trying to win Brooke back over to his side. According to their description, he's going to deliver up a very enticing proposal. In fact, it's going to be so enticing that it's being described as something that Ridge won't be able give her.

They also describe it as very heartfelt. Awww.

What could this great thing be? Will it be strong enough to win over her heart? Or does Ridge just have too much of a strong-hold over her that any other attempt is rendered null and void in her mind? These are some more burning questions that I hope to see get answered in these next couple of episodes.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any type of elaboration on this mighty offer that's on the table, so we'll definitely have to wait for that.

Alright, guys. that's it for today, but be sure to check, because I'll certainly be returning tomorrow with the January 12th spoiler scoops. Stay tuned.