Happy Friday "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. We're sorry about the whole preempting of the show, today, but we do have some brand new spoilers for the upcoming Monday January 23rd,2017 episode for you. Some of them come from our Soaps.com sources, and we've also got a promo clip (below) that we were able to pull from. Things will be looking very interesting as Liam is spotted, thinking he's going to have to forget about Steffy due to his major insecurities. Meanwhile, Steffy is seen, telling Wyatt that she is not going to be able to be with him, and more.

He likes it

We'll start this January 23rd teaser session off with some Eric and Ridge stuff. At some point, we're going to see Eric, express to Ridge that he's very happy that he and Quinn have gotten closer, so that's pretty interesting. What will be even more interesting, is to see how all that will eventually play out.

A plane ride out of there

Next, we learn from both the written spoilers and the promo clip that Steffy is going to have a serious talk with Wyatt, and end up, telling him that she just can't give him what he freaking wants, which is to stay with him instead of Liam. However, this situation is most certainly going to get more interesting as Liam's insecurities have led to him, actually hopping on a plane to leave town just because he couldn't reach her one time.

Apparently, he thinks Steffy has run off into the sunset to be with Wyatt. In the video, he's seen, saying, "I'm just going to have to get by without her," and you can just see the insecurities oozing from his eyeballs. He really thinks she's cheating on him. Maybe, this could be one of those self-fulfilling prophesy moments where he's actually making his very fears come true.

Whatever the case, he has made a major boo boo.

I really want you to be with me

Lastly, there's a scene in the video that shows Wyatt, still pleading with Steffy. He tells her that he knows Quinn and Eric have been trying to help him out with this situation, but that he doesn't want her to be with him because everyone is pressuring her.

I'm not really sure how that's going to help since she's already rejected him, but he does it anyways, so we'll see how Steffy responds to that whole spill when the episode airs on Monday. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned.