Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. It's time to get into these new Wednesday January 18th,2017 episode spoilers. We got some new ones in from TV Guide, and they sound extremely interesting as Quinn and Ridge's families are just totally dumbfounded over this new friendship they've formed. Then we'll be seeing Liam not being so nice anymore when it comes to what Steffy can do in their relationship.

They startle them all

I'm going to go ahead and jump right into this Ridge and Quinn madness first. It turns out these two have done the unthinkable by actually forming a real friendship bond or something.

Apparently, after seeing her softer side, he got roped into feeling some compassion for her. Whatever the case, judging from this description, it sounds like they're going to reveal their newfound friendship to their respective family members, and they are just going to be utterly shocked by it.

I guess the big questions are: will they try to break up this new friendship? Or will they just let it ride out ? One thing's for sure. This is definitely a very intriguing situation that has developed, and it should get even more interesting to see how this will keep playing out.

He's not backing down

In this second and last storyline scoop, we have Steffy and Liam going at it again in regards to their shaky relationship.

It turns out that he's really pissed off that she is moving real slow in getting a divorce from Wyatt. Also, Quinn has been manipulating her, and Liam, of course, doesn't like that. All of these things are going to hit a wicked boiling point in this episode, featuring Liam deciding to get very stern with her about what she should do.

They don't really give any other details about it, but it sounds like Liam is not going to continue playing nice about what's going on, and could possibly serve up an ultimatum at some point! Whatever happens, this situation is definitely going to give us some interesting scenes to look forward to.

Alright, guys. That's all we have for today's session, but we'll certainly be back tomorrow with new scoops for the January 19th, 2017 episode. Stay tuned.