Yo, "Days Of Our Lives" fans. Let me tell you, right now. It's about to get hot in here come Monday January 23rd,2017. We got the major spoilers for the episode, along with a hot promo clip (below) that shows the sparks going down. Apparently, Chloe is going to finally spill the truth to Nicole about her really being the mother of the baby! In response to that, we're going to see a big showdown between these two, and more!

It all comes to light

First, I'm going to go over these written spoilers that the Soaps.com folks have provided. It turns out that we're going to see a scene where Chloe and Brady have a little conversation in which she also exposes the truth about baby Holly to Brady.

I'm guessing that this probably takes place before she actually tells Nicole. Whatever the case, we're going to finally see some truth-telling flow out of Chloe's mouth come Monday, and things are going to get extremely interesting and intense as a result of it.

Oh no! Hope! WTF?

Next, they tell us that Hope is going to be deeply immersed in a battle for her freaking life! And that Eric is going to show up, at some point, to keep watch over her. Their exact words, is that he will tend to her, so whatever that means. I guess we just hope she doesn't die, because judging from that description, it seems like it could be a big possibility!

You are the mother

Alright, so that wraps up the Soaps.com written spoiler section of this article.

Now, it's time to get into this juicy promo clip that we've included (below) for your viewing pleasure. In the first scene, we see Chloe walking in with Brady to tell Nicole that oops, you are actually the mother of little baby Holly. However, Chloe is still refusing to give her the baby when she asks for it. Apparently, she still wants to keep custody of Holly.

Get out of my way

Next, we get a scene that shows the big confrontation, because Nicole comes knocking on Chloe's door, telling her to get out of her freaking way, because she's about to barge right into her place and just snatch up the baby from her! And they point out that things are definitely about to get ugly in this scene. After the words are spoken, they just end the clip with these two ladies, engaging in a major stare down, but you just know there's about to be a fight! Check it out, below, and stay tuned.