Hey, "Young And The Restless" fans. You guys made through another week. Congratulations! In light of that, we've got a couple of new, juicy spoilers for the Monday January 23rd,2017 episode to spring on you. As you probably know by now, today's episode was preempted by the huge Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump. Every major network is covering it. Anyways, the Monday stuff looks pretty interesting as Lily gets approached by Hilary for some help. Gloria is spotted, putting on a little taunting show for Phyllis in regards to Jack in the new promo clip that we've included, below.

The request

To get things started, we'll talk about the Hilary and Lily plotline. It turns out that things are going to get so bad for her that she's going to be forced to seek out Lily for help. They didn't reveal what Lily's response will be to this dire request, or what Hilary's problem is, so it's definitely going to be quite interesting to see how that whole situation will end up, playing out.

Three of them in dismay

Next, we learn that there's going to be something extremely important on Christine, Paul and Kevin's minds. So much, in fact, that they are going to be worrying themselves sick, thinking that something has possibly gone wrong. We couldn't find any other details about what this something could be, or if their suspicions are correct.

All we know, is that this could quite possibly turn out to be a pretty dramatic scene for all three of them, especially if they act out on their fears.

Oh, it's about Devon

Ok, now that's going to do it for our written teasers, but as mentioned earlier, we've got this very revealing spoiler/promo clip that we've included (below).

It features the Lily and Hilary scene,giving us more insight into that situation. Apparently, she has approached Lily for help with the Devon situation, and is really trying hard to convince her that it's the right thing to do.

He's such a tiger

Next, we get a scene that shows Gloria, getting all up on Jack in front of Phyllis, so she can tease her about what a tiger she thinks he is.

She tells Phyllis that she can't believe she let him get away. And, of course, Phyllis looks quite annoyed by the whole situation. Things could certainly turn pretty dramatic with that situation.

Cover is blown

Lastly, we have the scene that gives us more intel about Christine, Paul and Kevin's big worry. Apparently, they have reason to think John's cover might have been blown. Kevin definitely says that it's right to assume that something has, indeed, gone wrong! Oh no! Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.