“General Hospital” spoilers for Monday January 2nd say football overtakes our screens and there is no “GH” episode today. But don’t fret, there are fresh episodes the rest of the week. The first “GH” of 2017 is Tuesday January 3rd and we can’t wait.

Spoilers for “GH” Tuesday January 3rd

Tuesday’s “General Hospital” spoilers say Elizabeth worries about Franco and he asks if she believes he didn’t kill Tom. Sam forces Alexis to let her into her house and she sees her dad Julian is there. Sam and Jason are shocked.

Sonny and Carly kiss and make-up but she’s plagued with doubt that he can’t change and her family is still at risk.

Alexis confronts Julian about Rudge and is angry Sam caught her with her homicidal ex-husband. It’s Davis girl drama!

Spoilers for “GH” Wednesday January 4th

On the Wednesday “GH," spoilers say Finn’s recovery goes slowly. He’s metabolizing the cure more slowly and isn’t 100% yet. Andre hypnotizes Anna and she gets some memories of her past with Valentin. Nina worries Claudette will return.

Valentin tells her not to worry about Claudette taking Charlotte from her. Diane gets Alexis ready for her law review board hearing. Franco tries to figure out who killed Tom so he can clear his name and be with Liz. Dr. Obrecht chews Liz out about Franco.

Spoilers for “GH” Thursday January 5th

Don Swayze shows up as homeless guy Buzz who is tied to the bomb case.

Sam quizzes her dad Julian on his connection to Rudge. Jason and Curtis continue to look into Morgan’s death says “GH” spoilers for Thursday and will encounter Buzz as a witness.

Nelle and Michel get closer. Alexis has a drunk blackout spot in her memory that’s haunting her and will make her a suspect in Tom’s murder case. Franco suspects Alexis but doesn’t want to ruin Sam’s life to save his own.

Sam is in danger this week.

Spoilers for “GH” Friday January 6th

Elizabeth talks to Laura about Franco on Friday’s “General Hospital”. Spoilers say Laura shares wisdom from her time with Luke who was no saint. Franco goes to Scotty for an assist to clear his name and reveals he kidnapped Tom.

Jason and Curtis find a shocker at the pawn shop.

Kiki and Dillon get closer than ever. Alexis struggles to recover memories from the night Tom was killed. Don Swayze wraps his two-day guest appearance as Buzz. No word on if he’ll return or is killed off.

There’s no new “General Hospital” today, but turn on ABC tomorrow for a brand new “GH” on January 3rd. If you need more “GH” news, did you know Kelly Thiebaud and Bryan Craig broke up? We’re also still waiting on a dedication credit at the end of “GH” for Barbara Tarbuck who recently passed away.