After Donald Trump won the election, his transition team quickly shifted gears to their next project. With Inauguration Day around the corner, Trump is having a hard time finding talent to perform at his ceremony, and has been caught making up claims about a performer who is scheduled to attend.

Trump on Twitter

With just three weeks remaining until Inauguration Day, Donald Trump has nearly finalized his entire cabinet and administration. While the big positions are filled, the billionaire real estate mogul is set to head into the White House, with the big day coming on January 20.

While Trump is considered a celebrity himself, others have refused to attend, or even boycotted his inauguration, causing a conflict for his team. One performer who has agreed to attend and perform is singer Jackie Evancho, which Trump addressed with questionable information on Twitter on January 4.

"Jackie Evancho's album sales have skyrocketed after announcing her Inauguration performance," Donald Trump tweeted out on Wednesday, before adding, "Some people just don't understand the 'Movement.'" Trump's claim that Evancho's album sales have "skyrocketed" since agreeing to attend his ceremony were quickly debunked.

"Her album dropped 41 spots on the Billboard 200 since last week," Upworthy writer Parker Molloy pointed out on Twitter, while attaching a billboard graph showing Evancho's drop in sales.

As Billboard also noted, Jackie Evancho did see a bounce in sales in the week following her announcement to perform for Donald Trump, but considering she released a Christmas album, the rise in sales were expected.

Since then, the album has seen a decline, which most attribute to the drop in sales occurring after the holidays..

Moving forward

While Donald Trump continues to be fact-checked on Twitter, he doesn't appear to be slowing down his use of social media, regardless of the backlash. Days after winning the election, the former host of "The Apprentice" told CBS' "60 Minutes" that he would be "very restrained" on Twitter, but since then, he's only increased his presence.