“General Hospital” spoilers say Franco [Roger Howarth] is saved next week and his rescuer is Sam [Kelly Monaco]. Elizabeth [Rebecca Herbst] wants him safe, but it’s strange to have Sam, the woman who thinks Franco may have raped her, save Franco. Is “GH” turning off fans with this twisted story line?

Franco stuck in storage

Still stuck in the storage unit, Franco tries to remember where he saw the junk in the unit. The gash on his head is muddling his thoughts. Franco saw the stuff at the home of Seth [Michael Rodrick] and rapist Tom [Don Harvey].

Seth knocked him out and killed Tom.

Kiki [Hayley Erin] and Dillon Q [Robert Palmer Watkins] will go their own way looking for Franco, then Sam and Liz also split up. Something leads Sam to the storage building. Maybe she’s the only one smart enough to glance at the paper Kiki picked up there.

Will Sam be tempted to leave him?

A new “GH” spoilers photo (above) shows Sam at the storage facility and down the hall from Franco. She’ll find him but will Sam be tempted to leave him there to rot? The only reason Sam is on the hunt is to clear her mom’s name, not to help Franco. Will Sam consider leaving Franco locked up? Sam hates Franco, so why help facilitate a Friz reunion? She may debate for a moment but she’s not cruel and wouldn’t leave Franco to die so she saves him, then Sam faces JaSam baby drama by mid-month.

Liz goes missing!

“General Hospital” spoilers say as Sam finds Franco and gets him to “GH” for treatment, Elizabeth figures out Seth killed Tom and tried to frame Franco. Liz decides she must talk to her rapist’s brother and confront him. Off goes Liz, and then no one hears from her. Franco flips out when he finds out Seth was the last person to see her and “GH” spoilers say he’s ready to go postal to get her back.

By February 2, Liz is safe in Franco’s arms and the real murderer, Seth, is exposed.

Happily never after

It won’t be too long before Friz fans get the big love scene they’ve been waiting for, but there will be more obstacles in their path soon enough. Jason [Billy Miller] still doesn’t want Franco around little Jake, and Griffin [Matt Cohen] will be another entanglement.

See the 14 “GH” Daytime Emmy pre-nominations, plus rumors are flying that Nikolas [Tyler Christopher] will return and Alexis [Nancy Lee Grahn] reconsiders a Julexis reunion after she discovers that Olivia J [Tonja Walker] has been forcing Julian [William deVry] to do her dirty work.

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