“General Hospital” spoilers and rumors say Nikolas Cassadine could return for May sweeps because of the timing of certain events. Tyler Christopher recently wrapped a film project "Pretty Broken," then tweeted on January 4 a hint about a possible return, saying: “never say never." The timing is right for the return of Nikolas – all he needs is someone to go to Cassadine Island to find him! Will it be Lulu? Here’s how it could work out.

Maternity leave and May sweeps

Lulu actress Emme Rylan is expecting her third child around June 2017. “GH” spoilers say they won’t write the pregnancy into the show and will continue to shoot from the waist up, have her carrying things, and in loose dresses.

But "GH" will likely send Rylan on maternity leave prior to her due date so they don’t risk running into a crisis if she gives birth with scenes left to shoot.

That means they can time her exit but must explain it. Lulu still hasn’t gone to the address on the envelope willed to her by Helena Cassadine. Charlotte hates Lulu right now, won’t accept her as her-bio mom, and wants Nina instead. Lulu is facing a crisis while still pressing for a custody case which “General Hospital” spoilers say will get nasty. Will Lulu run off to Greece and find Nikolas?

Where is Nikolas? Alive in Greece?

It seems very unlikely that Nikolas is dead since his body was never recovered and he fell off a balcony. Valentin insists he shot him in self-defense but that’s not quite true. There are a lot of ways to explain it. The death could have been a set-up and the shots were blanks. Or he could have been shot, and saved by a Cassadine Island resident.

Tyler Christopher wanted to stay on the show but when it came time for contract renewals, they couldn’t come to terms. Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth reportedly also had tough negotiations to deal with at their renewals. Given that fans want him back and Tyler wants to stay, and is a legacy character, will “GH” bring Nikolas back to boost ratings?

Will Lulu go find Nikolas?

Will Lulu lose her custody battle with Valentin? Maxie had a harsh judge in her custody fight with Spinelli who stripped away her rights. If Lulu gets the same judge, she could lose joint custody (and forget about sole custody). Valentin has a valid point that Lulu may have traumatized Charlotte by telling her that she’s her bio-mom when the child just found out Claudette was dead.

"GH" is setting Lulu up to look bad in court with erratic and impulsive actions (even though her urges are understandable). If Lulu is delivered a crushing blow in the custody battle, her running out of Port Charles would be perfect timing for her maternity leave. She could go to Cassadine Island, to the address on the envelope, and find her brother alive and well.

'GH' rumors

As of now, nothing has been confirmed for May sweeps - Nikolas's return is just a "GH" rumor. Tyler has been in constant contact with “GH” fans and attends fan events, but on January 16, tagged “GH” head honcho Frank Valentini and Rebecca Herbst in a tweet response to a fan that made a tribute montage of Elizabeth and Nikolas.

Tyler sure seems on friendly terms with Valentini – much more so than when he left the show last year. Is that a sign that we can expect Nikolas to return? Niz fans would be thrilled. Even if Elizabeth sticks with Franco, Nikolas' return would enrich several story lines, including Franco and Liz, Hayden and Finn, plus Valentin and Laura.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and the “GH” spoilers for this week are hot as Olivia targets Alexis, and our favorite reformed serial killer Franco is found and taken to GH for a nasty head wound.

If you’re still in the dark on Olivia Jerome’s ugly history with Julian, check out this quick summary, and let’s hope that there are no more news interruptions of GH” this week!

Elizabeth and Nikolas montage tweet to Tyler: