Kristen Stewart (26) and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell (26) were seen in an intimate situation inside a car in Milan. The actress and the model were kissing while they rode to Linate airport. They were very much in love and enjoying the moment. The cute couple does not mind the opinion of others since they were doing nothing wrong. The girls have been together since December of last year and their relationship is steadily progressing. Neither of them have spoken to the press about this romance, but it is not necessary, because they show up in public without any prejudice.

Love is inspiring

It is know that Kristen Stewart is a great actress with a great artistic career ahead since she is very young. The actress now is also a film director since she directed the short film "Come Swim," which is inspired by her own love life. The artist has much to say about it, since she has had relationships with men and women. Some of her romances were with people as famous as her and other relationships were with unknown people. The "Café Society" star has publicly recognized her bisexuality, and her openness is inspiring many.

A surprising transformation

Stewart became famous for starring in the "Twilight" saga, her worldwide fame grew even more when she started dating Robert Pattinson (30), her co-star in the films.

By that time she was getting on badly with the media and felt pressure to make it look like a perfect romance with Pattinson. The situation got worse when she cheated on him with Rupert Sanders (45), a film director. Stewart and Pattinson separated and she started dating women. Since the split with Pattinson, she has had a string of relationships with women, including her current relationship.

The artist felt even better when she started talking to the press about how much she was in love with her then-girlfriend Alicia Cargile (30), her personal assistant. She had several romances with women after: the French singer Soko (31), the indie rock musician St. Vincent (34) and her new love Stella Maxwell, Miley Cyrus' former girlfriend.