“The Vampire Diaries” fans are thrilled now that Nina Dobrev confirmed she’s back for the series finale, but it spawns so many questions. Elena has been seen frequently in flashbacks in Season 8 and did a fresh voice over for the Season 7 finale, but this is an all-new appearance and makes us wonder about Bonnie’s fate.

Dobrev taking time out of movie schedule

Nina Dobrev has not been resting on her “TVD” success and has been keeping busy. She just wrapped a remake of Flatliners” – the original starred Julia Roberts. She also co-starred with Vin Diesel in “xXx: Return of Xander Cage."

There have been tons of “The Vampire Diaries” rumors about Nina’s return to the show.

It seems every week that tabloid sites report she’s returning and wants to rub her success in Ian Somerhalder’s face or wreck his marriage to Nikki Reed. It’s ridiculous, but now we have some truth!

How will Elena’s return work?

As of now, Damon and Stefan’s mom’s curse is still in place, so for Elena to return in the flesh, Bonnie must die. So will our favorite Bennett witch bite the bullet in the season finale? Or will we be treated to a fast-forward to 60 years in the future when Bonnie dies of old age and Elena rises?

Often as a series is ending, any character is expendable unless a spin-off is planned, but “The Vampire Diaries” already has a spin-off in The Originals." Fans of the “TVD” franchise are likely hoping some might trickle over from “The Vampire Diaries” to the spin-off to chill with Klaus.

Are you ready to say goodbye?

Although The CW’s flagship vampire show ratings flagged a bit after Nina Dobrev’s departure, the show has hung in there and many die-hard fans are sad to see us creeping closer to the series finale in March. Showrunner Julie Plec wrote and will direct the series finale.

Although “TVD” fans don’t want their beloved series to end, it’s a treat to know officially that Elena will return.

For now, nothing is known about how large of a role Nina Dobrev will play as Elena in the finale episode, only that she is on set now. Will Damon and Elena get their happy ending?

The Vampire Diaries” airs on The CW on Friday night.