"Days Of Our Lives" viewers will see a familiar face in Salem soon. Shane Donavon's twin brother, Drew is coming to town! Don't remember him? Don't feel bad. He hasn't been seen since 1988.

Shane and his twin were both good guys and joined the ISA right after Drew completed his military tour. Somewhere along the way, he changed. And that is about all we know on that.

Drew and Shane not on the same team.

The way his story turns out tells us that he had definitely switched sides. In fact, Drew was such a rough guy that in 1988, when he joined the cast, he kidnapped Carrie Brady, daughter of Roman.

Next, he pops up as an assassin for none other than Stefano! One of his targets ending up being Ellen Hawk who was the wife of his employer, Stefano. He was using the alias Iago during this time as his twin thought he was dead.

One of his story lines has him killing Ambassador Chung. He did it by blowing up a building that the Ambassador was in. Unfortunately, Benjy Hawk, son of the late Ellen Hawk, lost his hearing from the blast as he was in the building during the explosion. Stefano became Roman's mortal enemy over this. He was convinced nothing would have gone wrong if he had performed the job. We know that Drew was eventually shot and wounded. He managed to escape Salem injured but still alive!

Who will welcome him to town?

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Charles Shaughnessy (Shane/Drew Donavon) revealed that he has known for some time that he would be taking on the role of his character's twin. Apparently, the brothers will not be in the same scenes and will interact with different characters. In all the years he has been on the show with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), the two have never actually done a scene together.

In his new role, the two will finally get their chance. Jennifer is the first person he comes face to face with in town!

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers tell us that Drew's arrival in Salem will tie into the Stefano storyline. The twists and turns the group in Prague are uncovering will soon bring the information on Stefano for all of them!