The "Days of Our Lives" cast is very busy in Salem this week! As we left off on Friday, Nicole was at the door when Chloe answered it. Here comes the confrontation we have been waiting for! The following is spoilers. Do not continue to read if you don't want to know!

Baby Holly at the center of a custody battle

Nicole and Chloe face-off in a big way! Nicole pleads with Chloe for her daughter but it falls on deaf ears. Chloe adds insult to injury when Nicole finds out that Chloe is nursing Holly! Before the week is over, even Belle blasts Chloe for some of the moves she is making to keep Nicole from her baby.

Nicole has the support of Victor and Maggie, and still feels the presence of Daniel.

The war over Orwell is getting dangerous! Jen takes it upon herself to go undercover down at the docks to get to the bottom of things. Elsewhere, Deimos threatens to kill Gabi if Chad doesn't give him Orwell! He pulls a gun on them to prove he is serious. Chad and Andre have Titan in their sights. Too bad they have to put things on hold when Chad has to save Andre. Deimos poisoned him! He didn't stop with the DiMeras, though. He went after Dario too! He has raised the stakes over Orwell and things are going to get dark!

Jennifer knows that Eric isn't the same

Hope's hallucinations could be dangerous. Luckily, Eric returns with the medicine she needs in time!

While he was out he ran into Jennifer. She keeps his secret but she knows he isn't the same man he was before. Eric remains determined to save Hope and keep her hidden from the police.

In Prague the gang is still following the Stefano trail. There are more twists that come to light. Paul is worried about Marlena but she is focused and on target -- nothing to worry about with her experience in battling the Phoenix.

Val has a secret! She admits to Jennifer that she has been hiding something. Theo and Val seem to bond some more as she gives him some advice. When Ciara needs her friend, he is there for her. Shane Donavon's twin brother Drew is coming to town. He teams up with Jennifer to put an end to the war over Orwell.