"Days Of Our Lives" fans have been sorting through the rumors of cancellation of the long running soap opera. With the addition of Megyn Kelly at NBC there is tons of speculation as to what changes will be made to the programming and how it may impact the future of Salem.

So who makes up the writing team now?

In the midst of all the speculation, big changes are happening at "Days of Our Lives." The head writing team was comprised of Dena Higley and Ryan Quan. Emmy award-winning writer Ron Carlivati is replacing Dena Higley and Ryan Quan will remain on the team with the new title of Creative Consultant.

Sheri Anderson Thomas who has been on the "DOOL" team for decades will remain as another Creative Consultant.

Ron Carlivati is well-known in the soap opera world. He started his career with "One Life to Live" in 1996, and worked his way to the Head Writer position. During his time there, he was nominated twice for a Daytime Emmy before winning one in 2008. After the cancellation of the show, he moved over to "General Hospital" as Head Writer. His work was honored by the Writers Guild of America in 2014 and 2015.

Fans are ready for change in Salem!

With a track record of drawing in viewers and creative story lines, fans can expect big changes in Salem. There have been lots of complaints on social media about some of the story lines that seem to drag on too long or keep repeating in one form or another.

There has also been some strife on social media about some of the actors added to the cast.

With all the buzz about the potential cancellation of the show, to get a new Head Writer can be seen as a positive. Why would the executives put a new writer in if the show were not going to be renewed? On the other hand, is this a last attempt to get the viewing audience up in order to save the show?

Either way, the winds of change are blowing through Salem.

Ron Carlivati is excited about the move. He tweeted about "sands through the hour glass." "Days of Our Lives" has released a statement saying they are looking forward to the changes in Salem as well.