Alright, guys. We just recently got the new press release spoilers for the upcoming "Celebrity Apprentice 2017" episode 6 from the NBC folks. It sounds like we're going to see some lively and suspenseful stuff take place as the celebs have to sell, sell, sell in a limited amount of time ,again, on QVC and get a Clippers crowd extremely hyped up during a halftime show, and more! They also revealed that they've named this episode: "I'm Going Full Ballmer," which is in reference to Clipper's owner, Steve Ballmer, showing up in this one.

The Clippers task

In the new episode 6, They're going to be bringing on the owner for the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer and former "Celebrity Apprentice" winner, Leeza Gibbons, to be boardroom advisors. I loved Leeza on the show! She always had her stuff together. Anyways, Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger will also be back as an advisor. For their first task of the night, they will be given a project to complete for the Clipper brand. They're going to have to put together a very high-energy presentation that will absolutely get the Clipper Nation fans all fired up at the halftime show. They will also be given the task of designing t-shirts for the fans.

One of the teams will try to go "full Ballmer" for their presentation, whatever that means.

Then the other team is going to try to employ a catchy tune to get their presentation into the winning spot with the fans. From there, they say that one of the Celebrities will just miss getting eliminated in the boardroom footage by narrow margins. They didn't give any intel about who this person is, or who will ultimately get the boot, so unfortunately we don't have that intel.

It's definitely going to be interesting, though.

You want to buy some exercise equipment? I hope so

For the last challenge of this episode, QVC is going to be the big company to give the celebs a task. They will have to sell some fitness equipment on the highly popular selling channel. Not only will they have to sell it, they're going to have to sell as much of it as they possibly can in a certain amount of time!

That means, they're going to be racing against a timer to try and sell as many pieces as they can, and hope and pray that it'll be enough to land them in the winning position.

Later on, they'll meet in the dreaded boardroom to face Arnold and his advisors, Leeza Gibbons and Patrick Schwarzenegger. NBC describes that there's going to be a big shocker to go down in this last meeting of the night, so I guess you'll want to brace yourselves for that! Again, no other intel was mentioned about who will get eliminated or terminated as Arnold would say. But, of course, I wouldn't expect NBC to give that away in their own press release. They also confirmed that this one is set to arrive next Monday night, January 30th, 2017 at 7pm central time. Stay tuned.