"The Bachelor" Nick Viall heads to his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin tonight and the 15 girls who remain will get to meet some of Nick's friends during their stay. And if meeting his friends isn't enough to make their visit extra-exciting, two ladies will be in for some surprises during their one-on-one dates including a run-in with Nick's ex and a meet-up with his family. Episode 4 (January 23) is the first week that the cast and crew will travel outside of Los Angeles, the first stop of many to come this season.

Although Nick will have lots of fun on his dates this week, it wouldn't be "The Bachelor" without drama.

Both Corinne and Vanessa will make waves this week and the tension between the girls is on the rise — after all, there aren't that many roses left before the March 13 season finale. By the end of tonight's episode, two more girls will go home and Nick will be questioned by one of his frontrunners about his true intentions — did he come on the show to hookup with girls or is he really looking for a wife?

Dates and drama

Which two girls get the one-on-one dates tonight and who scores a rose on the group date this week? Here are this week's spoilers and video preview (below) of the Episode 4 drama.

Producers have decided to end each episode with a "to be continued" this season, so viewers will see last week's rose ceremony at the beginning of tonight's episode.

Christen and Brittany will be eliminated, Dominique went home during the Week 3 group date. Moving on to this weeks dates — 13 ladies will go on a date to a local farm with Nick and that will turn out to be a little too stressful for contestant Corinne Olympios. She disappears from the date while because shoveling cow poop isn't her thing and Nick isn't too pleased about it.

According to Reality Steve, Vanessa will question Nick about his intentions on the show and in addition to talking about Corinne and her bounce house antics, she tells Nick that Danielle L. is a fake, something that doesn't go over well. Although he appears to be very interested in Vanessa he seems to have a change of heart after their conversation and gives the group date rose to Kristina.

One-on-one family fun

Two girls get to spend some alone time with Nick — both Danielle L. and Raven will score a date with Nick this week. Danielle's date ends with a rose, but it starts out with a little tension. According to the Heavy, they will run into Nick's former girlfriend, Amber Allan, during their date and that turns out to be just a wee bit awkward. Fortunately, Amber is happily married with children and it appears to be just another way to add a little drama to the episode.

Nick's date with Raven is packed with family fun — including a visit to his sister's soccer game where Raven will be introduced to a few of Nick's family members and a day out at the local roller rink. If spoilers are correct, Raven will get a rose and move up a few notches on the frontrunner list.

Who goes home tonight?

Three girls are safe from elimination — Raven, Danielle L., and Kristina. By the end of the Episode 4 rose ceremony, two girls (Astrid and Sarah) will say "goodbye" to "The Bachelor" and the remaining 13 girls will pack their bags and get ready for the Week 5 dates in New Orleans.

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