Tonight's episode, kicked off with the two celebrity teams, getting presented with their first task from Arnold Schwarzenegger and company. They had to put together a marketing campaign for the famous Kawasaki Motorcycle Company. The project managers were: Kyle Richards and Carson Kressley.

Their ideas revealed

At Team Arete's camp, it was revealed that they wanted to get a famous drag queen to participate in their campaign. They also wanted to have Carson get naked on one the bikes, and the rest of the team hopped on one of the bikes to pose for their own photo.

The ladies decided to get Brooke's husband to appear in their photo shoot. Brooke posed in the driver's seat while her husband sat on the back, which was odd. Apparently, they wanted to focus on the strong women concept. Brooke's husband didn't like the idea, because he thought it would make him look bad.

Next, the ladies made their presentations to the the Kawasaki executives, and everything seemed to go well, at least, as far as Kyle was concerned. Next, the guys made their presentations, and they also seemed to do well. The women offered up photos that included Lisa and Kyle, posing on the bikes. Meanwhile, the guys went with more riskier and edgy photos.

And the winners were

After the presentations, we saw the boardroom footage.

Adviser: Patrick Schwarzenegger, told the guys that the executives thought they did everything well. However, on the negative side, they went a bit too far with pushing the envelope on the risky stuff. Next, adviser: Gemma Godfrey, told the ladies that the execs really liked their photos, but on the negative side, they thought the women just played it way too safe.

Finally, they went ahead , and revealed that the men just edged them out for the win, so Carson was awarded $25,000 for his favorite charity. However, the women also got $25,000 since it was so close, but one of them still had to get fired.

Kyle's looking bad right now

Kyle , Brooke and Porsha took most of the blame, since they were in charge of creative.

Kyle ultimately decided to bring back Brooke and Porsha. After some more debating, Arnold blamed Kyle and terminated her.

The second task

After all that drama, the remaining Celebrities were given their 2nd task, which was packaging and selling Warren Buffet's "Sees Candy." The teams were split up for this one, so it wasn't just guys against girls anymore.

The project managers were Vince Neil for Team Prima, and Ricky Williams for Team Arete. From there, they showed footage of the teams getting to work, making phone calls to get donations from their rich and famous celebrity friends. They also got to work, making the candies.

Lots and lots of money

At one point, Jon Lovitz and Chael Sonnen presented their team's chocolate candy to Warren Buffet in Omaha, Nebraska, so he could decide who would win that part of the challenge.

Next, they showed footage of the teams, selling their candy. They took all their donations that they worked so hard to get. Then they showed the boardroom footage. They revealed that Team Arete raised:$365,745.00 and Team Prima raised: $378,535.00 Vince's team won the Warren Buffet chocolate tasting challenge, because they researched which type of chocolate was his favorite. So, Team Prima won the entire challenge, taking all of Arete's earnings plus $25,000 for Vince's favorite charity.

Only $500! Really?

Next, Jon's name came up, because he only raised $500, which was the smallest amount of everyone. Ricky and Layla's names were also brought up. Ultimately, Ricky picked Layla and Jon to debate over which one of them should get canned.

Jon bit the dust

Next, Ricky said Jon should be fired, and so did Layla. However, Arnold pointed out that Ricky didn't deliver on his promise to raise the amount of money he said he could raise. But in the end, Jon was so horrible that Arnold had no choice but to terminate him, so off he went to get flown off on the chopper never to return. Stay tuned.