Hey "Bachelor 2017" peeps. The new, 4th installment is set to air, tonight, so we've got all the spoiler scoops for episode 5, rounded up for you guys. It's going to get pretty wild as one reject returns to yell at Nick! A whopping four more girls get shown the exit door, and more!

Rachel did well

In the new episode 5, we got them taking all the drama to the dirty south, New Orleans,LA, where we'll eventually see four of the chicks get booted. But first, we'll be treated to a 1 on 1 date scene, featuring Rachel Lindsay. Steve indicates that this date took place way back on October 12th, 2016.

They ended up. going to the Café du Monde and also did some street dancing at one point. After all that, they decided to hit up a little bar where a singer, named Lolo performed. Things apparently went quite well with them, because Rachel did, indeed, get that early rose, which locked her in to stick around for another week.

Haunting and Quija board madness

Next, they will serve up some group date footage, featuring: Vanessa, Josephine, Kristina, Danielle M., Danielle L, Jaimi, Raven, Alexis, Whitney, and Jasmine. They went to a supposed haunted plantation mansion. While there, they had dinner and took a tour of the place. At one point, they even told ghost stories and played with one of the creepy as hell Quija boards.

They decided to go ahead and stay the night there. And when it was all said and done, Danielle Maltby was the lucky lady who landed the early group date rose, sealing in her next week spot.

Taylor, it's time to say goodbye honey

Then for the final date footage, they'll be showing when Nick took Taylor Nolan and Corinne Olympios out on one of those dreaded 2 on 1 dates where one of them gets ditched right on the spot before it's all over.

This date went down on October 14th, 2016. They ended up, going to a swamp-out that was located in the bayou. At some point, Steve indicated that he thinks the date involved some tarot card readings.

And it sounds like Taylor had been quite rude to Corrine, because at one point, she said that she was tired of Taytor calling her stupid.

In the end, Corinne landed the rose to escape an early elimination and to lock herself in for another round. Meanwhile, it sounds like Taylor got pretty crazy, because she tried to actually come back after her early elimination and gripe out Nick for sending her home! Obviously, it didn't help her case, because she was still shown the exit after all that.

No cocktail party for this one

Next, it's revealed that Nick canceled the usual cocktail party madness and went right into the Rose Ceremony to let poor: Jaimi King, Josephine Tutman, and Alexis Waters know that they would be joining crazy Taylor on elimination row. Bye girls. See you at the "Ladies Tell All" special. Stay tuned.