The outcome of our lives can be determined by the thoughts and actions which we take. We are all meant to, and are, capable of forging our own destiny in this world. We are the masters of our universe and can create the most prosperous lives we want, or we can settle for a life below our means. I believe we are put on this earth for many reasons, and settling for less than we are capable of will drive us to the path of least fulfillment. So what is truly stopping you from whatever it is you want in this world?

Are your goals and capabilities different from others?

When striving for all of our goals and dreams in this world, we can sometimes make the mistake of comparing ourselves to others and focus on the differences between the most successful people in the world and us. The real difference isn't how well off they appear, but it is a crucial skill that we all possess and must choose to utilize if we choose to join their ranks.

We must realize that some people may appear more talented than you, some people may seem more intelligent than you, but that does not mean that you are incapable of achieving what they have accomplished. The most successful people are not necessarily the most talented, they are just more determined.

The only main difference separating you from living the life that you're currently living, to the life that you truly desire is your level of determination.

What does it take in the end?

We must all have a 'never say die' attitude. A type of approach you should adopt is one that doesn't become impatient when you realize how long it may take.

It's an approach that doesn't become discouraged when confronted with setbacks, and one that recognizes that failure is not final. You may doubt yourself on this path, but realize that you were created with a persevering mentality and know that you were born deemed capable of achieving the dreams placed in your mind and whatever it is you seek in this world!

In our lives, regardless of what we choose to do, there is always something fighting against us, so we might as well fight for what we were born to do in this world. The forces of your purpose are still greater than the forces against you, for the challenges and setbacks we face are only means of transportation from our current state to the next higher level in our lives. You must be determined in your pursuits, for no matter what hand you were dealt in life; you can win with it! Your determination is the most significant quality that will drive you to the life you were capable of and deserve, never give up on your dreams.