In life, we all have things we are passionate about. We all have aspirations and dreams to be fulfilled, and goals to be achieved. These things are given to us from the time we are born until the time we die. Our hopes and aspirations are given to us as a guide to fulfilling our destiny. They are the roadmaps for our purpose, and what it is we genuinely seek in this world. Our wellbeing is determined by the accomplishments we achieve in this world and the extent of our potential that we choose to utilize. "Wellbeing, wisdom, wonder, and giving" are all part of success, Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington told Business Insider.

Nobody cares

We tell our friends or family members all of the time "I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that." Or even worse, "I could've done this, I could've done that." The reality is that nobody cares what you could've done. If you didn't do it, then you didn't do it - period! Your goals and dreams serve no purpose if you allow them to stay in your mind and don't allow yourself to materialize them. We must realize that anything that we can imagine in our minds is capable of being materialized and become a reality.

50 years from now when you're in a retirement home or chilling on a rocking chair on your front porch, your friends aren't going to care what you could've done with your life. The last thing you want to do is spend your final years wondering why certain things did not happen for you.

Life is far too short to be spent in regret and must be utilized to the fullest. You must realize that this is your life to live, and it's not defined by the things which you say you're going to do. They are defined by the things you actually do.

What separates you from the ultra-successful?

What separates the successful isn't that they are more talented than you, or smarter than you.

They merely put in the work and do the things that the majority of people aren't willing to do. You must execute your dreams. Ideas without execution are a mere delusion, and dreams don't get fulfilled unless you do something. Do not think of yourself as incapable or unsure of what needs to be done. Creativity, ingenuity, strength, and intelligence are all found from within through execution.

Entrepreneur points out that we should not fear failure as it is necessary. You don't have to fear failure if you believe it may reveal powers you didn't know you possessed. You possess everything you need to give yourselves everything you seek in this world and achieve everything you wish to accomplish, for your potential is limitless. Do not live in regret and rather thrust forward into the life that you were meant to live and deserve. Go out and get whats yours.