Time is now and always will be our most valuable asset. It is the only thing in our lives that, once used, cannot be brought back. It is like an hourglass that cant be turned over, once all the sand is gone, it is gone. It is a priceless item that, if utilized properly, can help us exponentially, but if wasted, will always leave us wanting more. The bad thing about is that a majority of people spend the second half of their lives trying to bring back the time that they wasted in the first half. I don't want you to be one of those people. We only get one life that is meant to be lived to the fullest and our understanding the meaning of time is the first step in utilizing it to the utmost.

So, what is time and how is it best spent? Here is some quick help.

What really is time?

There is another quote by Einstein that goes, "Time is an illusion." Time is really merely an artificial concept that we have created to make the universe more bearable, it really just provides a sense of order to the chaos of life." The time in our lives can be molded to some degree. As we may have realized, the time during of our childhood passed very slowly, but our time as an adult moves much more quickly.

This is because as children, our actions are done by impulse and are less emotionally driven, yet as we become adults, a lot of our actions tend to be emotionally-driven. So, if the inner turmoil of our emotions causes time to move faster, we must realize that if we control our emotional responses to events, it will allow time to move more slowly.

Having patience give us opportunities that fear and anger close off.

What is time meant to do?

As we move on through our lives, we find that life tends to humble us. It has a great way of showing us what truly matters in life. It causes us to look back and realize how we possibly wasted so much time on things that we cannot change and people we cannot change.

If you look back in life, you might realize that some of the problems that you were worried about a year ago don't even matter today.

Life is not simply a passing of time, it is an abundance of events. Don't waste it. Time is going to move forward regardless, hence we must always be moving forward and progressing as well. Our happiness lies in our progression.

All that we can do is cherish every day, for it could be our last, and treasure every moment, for as each one passes is another chance to bring us closer to the greatest life we seek and rightfully deserve.