The journey of our lives is an incredible thing with all its ups and downs. We all spend our days, wondering as to what the secrets of life may be, but the idea is that the more seconds that we spend pondering this, the more seconds we are not embracing nor merely enjoying the moment that we are in. The moments in our lives are our most precious commodity, for they can never be replaced or gotten back. Once they are gone, they are just gone.

What does the path in our lives mean?

Part of our happiness and our overall quality of life is based on how we manage the Path in life in which we choose to take.

We must love the way of our lives. We all, including myself, during the low points, can find it difficult to say "love the process," but remember that we can never confuse the destination with the path, Just because it's thundering now doesn't mean that you're not headed for sunshine. Always remember that sun in the morning still meets the darkest nights and that no situation no matter how dire, never last. Our current circumstances never determine our future.

Everything that occurs to us and the path in which we choose to take is designed to bring out the best in us and mold us in into the people we are Meant to be. Our lives are not a path of coincidence, or luck, but rather an unexplainable, meticulously chartered course for us to touch the lives of others, and make a difference in the world by revealing the beauty and greatness that lies within each of us.

Everything happens in our lives for a Reason.

What is the right path?

We ask ourselves what the right way to take in our lives is. The right path to consider is the one that lies in your heart and your dreams. It is the one that you know you were meant to fulfill since you were a child. Our life is said to be lived by our own means and by our design.

Through this mindset, we will live the life that we accomplish all that we seek and forge the destiny that we were meant to.

No matter which path we take, there will never be smooth sailing. Nothing in our lives is designed to be simple, nothing of greatness comes easy. There is no one path; there is no right path, there is only your path.

It is not the path that others want us to take of "feel" that we should make, it is the one that we know we were meant to. We only get one life, and it is to be lived by your means, for living a life based on your dreams and your standards are one of the crucial elements of giving ourselves the most significant and most fulfilling lives that we are capable of and deserve.