Donald Trump campaigned that he was going to pull out of the Iran deal. He said it was the worst deal and did not benefit the United States. It just delayed the ability of Iran to develop nuclear weapons until a later date. Even after Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel tried to talk him out of it. Their countries were included in the original deal. They were trying to convince him to stay in and renegotiate the deal. Reports by the Associated Press were used for information presented in this article.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a businessman. The likelihood of a renegotiated deal would not happen.

The United States would be in the deal and under the same terms. The major component of the deal was to stop all sanctions against Iran. They were able to receive more money to run their country. They were also able to sell more oil to increase their revenue for Iran.

The other countries that were in the deal also received benefits. The European Union has increased business with Iran tremendously since 2015. That was the year that the deal was signed. The United States business deals have declined in that same time period. The United States pulling out of the deal does not nullify the deal. There are still the other countries in the deal. This just means that we will not be bound by it. Sanctions are a possibility.

Donald Trump is allowing Iran time to come and negotiate before leveling sanctions against them again.

Donald Trump has given them ample opportunity to reach out and renegotiate. Twice before he delayed the decision to pull out of the deal. This time there was no contact with the Iranians, so he left the deal. During his press conference, he asked Iran to come to the table and talk about a new deal.

Iran's response

During the first negotiation, Iran stated multiple times that they did enrich uranium. The nuclear capabilities were strictly for electricity. Iran responded within an hour of Trump's announcement. One of the first comments was that they could restart enriching uranium. That contradicts their statements during the first negotiation.

They are admitting that they were enriching it. The whole premise of the first negotiation was a lie. There is no way this deal was good for America or the rest of the world. If Iran lied during the negotiations, then how can they be trusted to follow the deal.

Trump did state that Iran would still honor the deal. He is going to send his diplomats to the countries that were still a part of this deal. Monetary value is probably the real reason behind that decision. Iran is doing a tremendous amount of trade with the European Union. The remaining countries are all a part of the European Union. This deal did not benefit the United States of America. Our trade has declined with Iran during the duration of the deal.

We were sanctioning Iran and our trade with them still has not improved since the sanctions were lifted.

A treaty of this nature should benefit the United States. The whole point of the treaty was to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The only country that benefited from this deal was Iran. Donald Trump made the decision for America and the new deal will actually have benefits for the world, not just the United States of America.