All throughout this World today, there seems to be no lack of conflicts and problems. You cannot turn on the news any day of the week without seeing something different and conflicting in today's Society. Conflicts started from all various sources of action. The hardest part about all of this is that there is no end to it in sight. World peace is viewed as one of the most far-fetched things in the world today, leaving us wondering if there will ever be a change.

What determines the future of this world?

We can at times choose to fight violence with violence when peace is the only solution.

We have leaders that base their decisions on their own wants and desires rather than the peoples. This world sometimes finds the inability to cope with cultural differences. We can at times allow greed to get the best of us and hinder our actions in the wrong direction. Greed has had a tremendous impact on the world, fir more times than not; it sets the tone as to where nations are headed.

Now, I know that we are not ALL guilty of these problems, and I know I am not perfect, but as long as these problems persist to even the slightest extent, this world will always find itself in a constant state of fear and hope. Living in fear is not Living. The freedom and peace that we are born with are meant to continue throughout our entire lives.

Nobody on this planet should have to proceed through their lives feeling helpless, fearing for what tomorrow will bring, only hoping for a better future for themselves and they're loved ones because hope will only get you so far.

Who is responsible for the change?

We must all know that if there is a change in the world in which you want to see, you have the power to make that change.

There is no one human being on this planet that cannot put this planet on the road to a brighter future. Even with all the other seven billion people on this planet, as insignificant as you may feel, you must know that you are significant, you are important. We are no more or less important than the person standing next to us, for we all stand equal.

We were all put on this earth to love, respect, and help each other up. We must see everything in a global perspective, for we are all brothers and sisters in a worldwide community. We are all capable of bringing the change we want, fulfilling the hopes of others, and achieving our one common goal of living the most peaceful, prosperous, and fulfilling lives possible for ourselves as well as others.