All being born on this earth, regardless of the circumstances, we are all born standing equal in capabilities and equal value. We are all born to place our own mark in the World and in history. The impact in which we make is known as our legacy. Our legacy, or our own personal brand, is what defines us, it is the mark we place and what is said about us when we are not around. The history we Leave behind can be as bad or as good as we want it to be, it can also be as big or small as we want to be. Do you wish to pass through life remaining unknown or do you seek greatness in this life?

What is your legacy?

When we all hear the word legacy, I think we typically think of incredible professional athletes, movie stars, musicians, or politicians. But the truth is, as large as this world is, out of all of the billions of people, we are all legends, and we all leave legacies from person to person. A legacy is defined as something that is transmitted by or received from a predecessor or a human being in which we've encountered.

Whether you realize it or not, you leave an impression with everyone that comes across your path and in which you speak with. You do not even have to speak with someone to leave an impression on them. You may not have created a legacy or be considered a legend to all seven billion people of this world, but you have created a legacy among your family, your friends, and all of your acquaintances.

The feelings in which you leave people with is essentially your legacy.

We do no only have to build our legacy

As small as you may feel in this massive world, you are just as influential and just as important as everyone else. Your status does not determine your value. We all stand equal. Among our family, friends, and acquaintances, we must always find ourselves to be sources of encouragement, enlightenment, and well-being.

Now, I get it, we all, including myself, have our bad days in which we may allow some things to be said that shouldn't be said but we must try our best.

We should become sources of prosperity, not destruction. This is is a two-way street as well, be sure to surround yourself with great people as well, for they determine your mindset and overall quality of life.

Part of being born at the time in which we were born is designed to work in unison and bring out the best in all of us. Life already brings its own challenges. You never know what another person is going through. There is no need to make it harder than it already is. We can all leave a great mark in history. Build your legacy.