A Triadic problem solver does not need to be worried about being wrong. There is no wrong. If you come up with one solution, as I am about to do, and it fails, you keep doing the exercise until it bears fruit. Jesus said we are known for our fruits. He meant that our deeds and expressions tell the world about us. A fruit can be rancid and sour, or it can be just right. Of course, there is no just right. The point is that we try and fail. We are fallible, but that is why we have the gift of time. Onward.

If you think trump never did anything wrong then maybe ignore the command "Onward." If you think protecting Bob Mueller so he can accomplish some good is a worthy goal, hang in.

Triadic decision-making is simple and economical. You do not have to hire a consultant, Just follow the method which starts with a sign--a reality. It is the story that leads the NYT today which I have embedded below. The story attests to the fact that Donald Trump would like nothing better to get Russia off his back.

From sign to ethics

The sign -- Trump stalking Mueller -- is in your conscious mind, and your next step is to submit it to an ethical index.You are the custodian of the following three terms. What you make of them will determine your creative progress to the third step. We'll get there. Now here is the sign.

There are just three words in the ethical index, but they are complementary universals that can be applied to anything you are thinking about.

Literally. Try it sometime. In this case, we are using the terms to scope out how to approach the situation of our endangered special prosecutor.

Three universal values

Tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy the three active ethical terms of triadic philosophy. They are an ethical index. They apply to how we should act and express ourselves.

In the case of Mueller and protecting him, tolerance suggests that our response should be flexible but strong. We control our response. We can tolerate the pressure of the moment. What we do not tolerate is the notion that the man in the White House can contemplate killing an investigation that seems to be based on incontrovertible evidence.

We move to helpfulness, and we know that in triadic philosophy help har three meanings. It is not just a hand up, our impulsive willingness to respond as needed. It is also two things that are the engines of a truly profitable world, education, and enablement. We believe it would be helpful to let this investigation run its course without the interference of its target. Now Trump has every right to defend himself. But as we consider the question, help consists of acting to ensure that the investigation proceeds and that we act as its protectors. That brings us to democracy.


All Americans are the custodians of democracy which in this country is a constitutional form of governance based on laws. It is the law part of democracy that we will need to arrive at an answer to how we defend the Mueller investigation. I will finish this in a succeeding article.