There is a good deal of attention to Transgender as the physical transition from one sex to another. But if the truth be known, what makes us people transcends sex and our material form is merely one aspect of our full reality. Of course, it makes a difference to be able to choose. It is fundamental. At 82 I am not about to have an operation. But I may start calling myself transgender. Triadic philosophy suggests such a move. All people should become transgender. Why?

Transgender is a better state to be in than locked into the historic mold of what we take manhood to be.

You cannot look at films or listen to songs or read a book without being thrust into identities that are a choice. Often they are a bad choice. The same is true of females. Females are locked in a container as constricting to human identity as that which males suffer. I want to stop caring about what anyone is. I am interested in who everyone is and I already know that whoever they are, they are precious.


I'm serious. I am happily married but my impulses are transgender and it has nothing to do with sex or orgasm or any of the buzzwords of flaming gender identity. It has to do with comfort. It has to do with peace. It may even have to do with unification beyond the unity of human bodies.

When I was a boy growing up I gravitated to girls as friends. But I was also entranced by all the things I associate with pursuit and even obsession. Still, my best friends continued to be girls. Girls I knew and women I know do not fight. They are reasonable. They enjoy humor. They may be competitive but why not? Female leaders have to commit to militarism and war.

There is no built-in protection in women.


There was one major figure in history, a man, who felt similarly about women. He was drawn to them. It was conspicuous. It was not asexual but neither was it explicitly sexual. It just was. You probably can infer that I am talking about Jesus. If anyone pointed to the silliness of ranking men and women by anything but the values they embody, it was Jesus.

The only time he ever said something was better than something else was in reference to whether conversation (about spiritual matters presumably) was better than doing housework.

We should not see this incident as a binary matter. We should see it as a clarion call for a world that breaks down roles and distinctions and lets everyone declare who they are without any constraints other than being tolerant, helpful and democratic. I happily suggest that our preferences should always transcend gender.