People search. Had I said that decades ago, before the era of Turing and Gates, Twitter and Facebook, Trump and Xi, it would have made no sense. Now a reader sees that the word “people” is an active subject. “Search” is an active verb.

Because people search in ever larger numbers an ever-growing assemblage of topics, we must pause. Are we looking at what has always been the case? Or is this unknown territory? Clearly the latter.

The unknown

Triadic Philosophy sees the universality of search as unprecedented, evolutionary and revolutionary. It was unthinkable before global cyber-connectivity.

Search is now at the fingertips of almost everyone. It will be universal.

Evolution is the slow, gradual growth of capacities necessary to survival. We know that the elements of human progress are already lodged in us. Our evolution consists in the activation and proper use of what is already there.


Revolution is a massive disruption. Today this is the shift from a binary to a triadic culture. We are admitting ethics and aesthetics to our thinking habits. This means we are moving rapidly toward nonviolence, self-determination and unprecedented fairness.

If this sounds like a new renaissance, that’s because it is. And it’s happening under our noses. The powers that be struggle daily to cling to outmoded priorities.

The push and pull is palpable.

Nonviolence is the simple understanding that we are all capable of murderous impulses, but that we control things according to the values we choose. Reason prevails.


Self-determination is controlled by individuals, whoever they may be. Individuals are the prime force in the world. This also means that fairness – until now unprecedented – will be seen as an advantage for all.

Why is this so? Because individuals who are triadic are gold. They know they are capable of the worst. But in their freedom, they are more and more inclined to choose the best.

Fairness is exactly why evil cannot abide. Why? Because it means that regulation and control are ever more sensible and therefore very hard to fault.

A Messaging revolution means that merely by accepting a core of keywords and using them in all messaging one does, there will be a gradual movement toward the acceptance of the values and priorities needed to build a new world.

The words are tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. They are joined by the words reality, ethics, aesthetics, truth, and beauty. These terms are modified by the words freedom, love, and justice. These eleven words on a list before you lead to a triadic form of messaging.