Triadic Philosophy keeps trying. That is what distinguishes it from decision-making that is quick and binary. That is where there is only one alternative: generally unacceptable. Triadic thinking proposes solutions based on consideration of three ethical values and a determination of the aesthetic impact of the action or expression that is chosen. If it fails or falls short, we go back to the drawing board.

The matter I am considering today is the fate of the Dreamers who have become a political football in the war between Trump and his opponents.

It is clear to almost everyone, including Trump at times, that the Dreamers do not deserve to be ripped from their homes in the US and shipped back to a cruel and uncertain future. Dreamers who are deported will face death because of conditions they did not create.


Reality is the sign we consider at the outset. What is the reality? It is a bad choice. Yes, a bad choice. How do we who oppose Trump's cruel policies proceed when the reality is to save the Dreamers at exorbitant prices designed to demonstrate the power and position of the Trump forces? We see those forces as bordering on dictatorial, favoring the very rich, and led by a man who could at any time come under the sharp eyes of prosecutors who might call him a criminal.

The reality is problematic, to say the least.

This is not to deny legitimate questions regarding immigration or the need for a vastly more comprehensive approach, but that moves us past our immediate question.

The reality we are considering is a bad deal that would save the Dreamers at the expense of allowing the GOP and Trump to pile on provisions that would spend billions on a wall that is more than questionable and put conditions on immigration that discriminate.

Submitting to ethics

If we are tolerant we will want to consider being strong, flexible, and patient.

The true and beautiful end of this journey is a solution that does the least harm. Because we know perfectly well that the GOP does not want to appear as the bad guy, we may be able to consider testing their tolerance. When we consider what will help, clearly what will help is to ensure the safety of the Dreamers. It would be helpful if conditions were different of course, but no such luck.

The third ethical value we consider is democracy. In Triadic Philosophy democracy is not merely a form of government, it is an understanding of universal rights and the equal rights of all persons. Dreamers are precious individuals. A wall is nothing other than a barrier. A law to favor only the bright and technologically savvy discriminates against genius that our culture refuses even to seek out and explore. We are for saving the Dreamers.

This gets us through the first two stages of this consideration. The next article will complete the drill.