We have examined in the preceding article the problem we are addressing, using the good offices of Triadic problem-solving. This is a discipline you can learn almost instantly. It is the application of ethical elements and aesthetic conclusions to the act of conscious decision-making. We have already made the ethical conclusion that it is right to work to save Robert Mueller from the jaws of Donald Trump. A bit like the wolf in Little Red Ridinghood, our predator in chief has a smiling, innocent look at times. But as I pointed out in the article which is the sign we are considering, there is no lack of evidence to show that Mr.

Trump has always wanted to get rid of Robert Mueller.

Only history seems to stand in the way of a preemptive move by the president to see Mueller fired. The past history is the fact that Mr. Nixon speeded his removal by such firings back in the day. Such events breed caution. In any case, we shall proceed to the third and final step in triadic decision-making. It is the aesthetic stage. Triadic philosophy is nonviolent and celebrates the unity of truth with beauty, as the poet John Keats famously did. We are the wave of the future. Truth, beauty and no atomic war is a future we can live with.


The aesthetic element in Triadic philosophy was inspired in part by Mao. Remember the Culturel Revolution?

It failed miserably. Why? Violence. Now don't think this was just a Communist problem. It was capitalism's Achille's Heel. The neocons apparently thought that you could get democracy at the end of a gun. The cost in lives and hypocrisy has been stupendous. So if we interpose nonviolence in the consideration as we move to an aesthetic conclusion, consider that ethics has never worked in the past to quell the predatory urge.

The terms we use to prepare our minds for a conclusive thrust are Truth And Beauty, freedom. ; love and justice, and non-idolatry. They prepare us to be strong, iconoclastic and open to ideas outside the box.

Killer expressions

My aesthetic sense tells me that we need at present a wave of messages in al venues from Twitter to Tumblr to Ello to Instagram addressed to @realdonaldtrump containing the terms truth, beauty, freedom, love, and justice. The form and final drafts I leave up to all who take up the challenge. Children's messages are particularly effective. Since this is just starting, I have little confidence that it will be seismic in its effect. But the point is this. Truth and beauty must be served.