I will say it. Rod Rosenstein was very cautious in announcing the huge story today. The inference is not absolute proof. Nothing is. But we can assume from items you will have access to in this article that Special Counsel Mueller has shown that Russians were clearly involved in an effort to elect Donald trump. This has been known for a long time, but the indictments put legs on a crime which Trump lied about and continues to lie about.

This article is meant to give you a complete picture of what is happening. I will comment on it sparingly. I should note that my first article for Blasting News published in February 2017 stated that an investigation was even then a necessity.

Now we are beginning to put the pieces together. You can judge how serious these revelations are.

First the indictment

Here is the full text of the 37 page Mueller indictment of thirteen individual Russians and three organizations in Russia for their criminal acts in interfering with the 2016 Election. You can download this and even convert it by selecting the text and pasting it into a Word document.

This has footnotes that point to specific events in 2016. Do not be put off by Trump efforts to say this is not about his run for the presidency.

Now the story of the indictment

Note that the Justice Department announced this. And here is a story about one of the targets of the investigation.

If you want to talk about the law having a long arm, be my guest.

Calling this oligarch Putin's cook is a nice touch. But there is more. First, a line-up of the indicted.

Before Trump tweeted on this subject he issued the following five hours ahead of the Mueller blast.

Then Trump did tweet and it follows my reply to him below.

No collusion, Trump insists

I doubt his lawyers suggested he write this.

The following tweet is also a reply to Trump, offering some context.

Endgame from the start

I have maintained endgame from the start, so I offered the following tweet as my contribution to context.

Judge Jeneane

Here is the judge's defense.

It shows the shape of what is to come and the weakness of Trump's effort to make war in intelligence services to deflect attention from the Russians' clear effort to get him into the White House.

Tea Pain has been one of the most assiduous campaigners to bring Trump to justice.

Trump was not idle

He gave a short speech following the Florida school shooting which did not once mention guns. Obama went viral with this response.

Here is the Obama tweet.

And here from Politico, I have summarized what the indictment does.